Paintings By Donn Commissioned Portrait Paintings

Paintings by DonN

You can commission your own personal oil paintings:

The Process:​

After we decide upon the size and style you wish for your portrait (or other image you wish painted), we agree upon the general content of the background.  We put our discussions in a written agreement.  No payment is made for Paintings by DonN commissioned portrait paintings until the drawing is approved.

 The first session is mostly discussion of the style of the desired portrait and getting to understand the nature of the individual to be painted.  A few reference pictures are taken and maybe a sketch or layout drawing.  If this is not possible because the person is not available or deceased, I work from patron supplied photos and get their input as to the nature and character for the portrait.  After the initial session, I do a detailed drawing.  Upon approval of the drawing, a 50% deposit is due.

 Since I work in the Old Masters style of portraiture, I then paint a detailed under painting in Verdacio, a grey green tone to establish the values and refine the characteristics.  At this point, we meet to get the patron’s approval of the portrait before I paint in color.  Any changes requested will be worked out.   At this meeting, I work up skin tone color swatches and present these for the patron’s agreement so that the skin, eye, and hair color is in line with the patron’s feelings.  When final approval is given to finish the painting, I start to lay in the color.

A final personal pose session is used to complete the color matching and work on specific characteristics that might not have come out in the photos.  Since oil is slow to dry, the painting is not usually finished and deliverable for another 4-6 weeks after the final session.  The painting is delivered when dry and the final 50% is due upon delivery.

 This whole process usually takes from 3-6 months.  This time can be expedited if reference photos are of high quality and approvals can be obtained in a timely manner.  Changes can be requested and the artist will give his best effort to meet all requests.

 Additional charges over the actual Portrait price apply for Travel, Custom Framing, Packaging and Shipping and Sales tax.  These are usually agreed upon at the time of the signing of the agreement.  A reference price list is available based on size and style.  However, the actual price can vary depending on number of persons, background, and other special requests.  The actual price is agreed and is included in the initial written agreement.

The Guarantee:

Customer satisfaction is most important for every commissioned painting  produced by Don Nicholson.  If at any point during the process you become dissatisfied and wish to cancel the order, 100% of your payments will be refunded.  I do not question the judgment of my patron’s but trust that a mutual commitment of obtaining a portrait that is a work of art is in the best interest of both parties.   On that basis, I am confident that I can achieve 100% customer satisfaction.