From Software Systems to Fine art creation

Paintings By Donn Original Oil And Acrylic Paintings

Paintings by DonN

"When I graduated from college with a major in business and a minor in art and a family to support, it didn't seem feasible to choose anything but the business career path.  However, my first employer gave me an aptitude test and it said that my ideal occupation would  be in Art Sales.  So,  I became a corporate Financial Executive and then started my own software integration company working with small manufactures.  It took me a few years to get here, but I finally feel that I am doing what I was meant to do", Don says with a smile and a twinkle in his blue eyes as he describes the path he has chosen.  Paintings by DonN original oil and acrylic paintings is now happening.  Creating modern wall art in El Dorado Hills, CA.

From all his travels, he paints the moments of joy and inspiration that he felt and hopes that viewers share.  After  taking an Renaissance Painting workshop with Frank Covino, Don did a series of portraits in the classical style.  He mastered the challenge of bringing pictures to life and completed several commissions.   Paintings by DonN commissioned portrait paintings are much more than the reference photo, they are heirlooms.  

Realistic drawing has always come easy to Don and he received several awards as early as grade school.  But in College, it was Geometric Shapes with lots of color that was his inspiration and got his potential recognized in various art shows.  Now, after several years of painting realistic paintings, Don has revived his Geometric Shapes.  After looking back at several drawings from his college days, Don is putting them on canvas and adding geometric shaped canvases.  He has extended this to 3D shaped canvases for those shapes that fit the geometry.  Now, his work speaks to all that seek original ideas with the craftsmanship of the great masters.    Don is committed to only providing unique one of a kind works of art for his patrons.  Talent joined with creative passion is the secret you will discover in a painting by Don Nicholson.