Paintings by DonN

Paintings By Donn Original Oil And Acrylic Paintings

When Don Nicholson graduated from college with a major in business and a minor in art and a family to support, it didn't seem feasible to choose anything but the business career path.  However, he had won an Art Award in a major central Illinois art show his senior year.  And then, his first employer gave him an employee profile test and it said that his ideal occupation would  be in Art Sales.  So,  he advanced up the corporate financial organization to be a top executive and then he left the corporate life to start his own software integration company in Silicon Valley.   It took him a few years to get there, but in 2006, he started painting and it feels that he is doing what he was meant to do. 

Don's unique perspective comes out through his work.  The systematic construction of subjects, shapes, colors and style comes natural after working with software systems for many years.  However, it wasn't until he took some workshops with Frank Covino, who taught in the Old Masters style of painting, that he found his voice.  He then made enough sales at art fairs throughout California to make it worthwhile for several years.  Now he is concentrating on creating new styles and visions that he is selling through galleries and on commission.

Don finds inspiration from many sources.  He still gets excited by his early geometric work in college which was primarily the style of New York artists which led that period in art.  But his passion for art is divided between figurative and geometric.  So, you can find many different subjects, styles, and formats in Don's paintings.  He has extended  his canvases to 3D shaped  and geometric shapes that fit the subject.   He is still experimenting and striving to create captivating art.  And he always makes sure that every painting meets the technical standards of the professional artist he strives to be.

To own a painting by Don (art signed as DonN) is to own a slice of his creativity and passions that drive him to be the best he can each time he lays a brush to canvas.  Talent joined with passion is what you see in Paintings by DonN.

From Software Systems to Fine art creation